Final Fairy Stormyth

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  • 28.09.2008 IDS Ceské Budejovice- excellent 1
  • 19.10.2008 NDS Brno- excellent 2
  • 05.12.2008 NVP Nowa Ruda- excelent2
  • 02.05.2009 Speciality Show AMKCR- CAC
  • 30.08.2009 IDS Mladá Boleslav- exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
  • 17.10.2009 Speciality Show SKCHPSP- res. CAC
  • 07.11.2009 Club Show AMKCR- res. CAC
  • 25.04.2010 IDS České Budějovice- CAC
  • 18.07.2010 NDS Mladá Boleslav- CAC
  • 21.07.2010 CZECH CHAMPION
  • 29.08.2010 IDS Mladá Boleslav- CAC, res. CACIB
  • 02.10.2010 Club Show AMKCR- V2, res. CAC
  • 28.11.2010 IDS Budapest- excellent 2, res. CAC
  • 11.12.2010 IDS Valencia- CAC, res. CACIB


ch CZ Final Fairy Stormyth HD OFA (AM-12833G27F-VPI) GOOD (A2), eyes certification

junch, Ch CZ/SK Colin Canuck Stormyth HD OFA(AM-11837E24M-PI) EXCELLENT (A1), Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Ch. Chinook Dream Navarama Mal HD OFA-Excellent, Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Ch. Northern Lightning Timba HD A, PRA neg.

Bijou od Severního slunce HD 0/0

CAJC, CAC Antar-C-Tica of Stormyth HD OFA (AM-11801G28F-PI) GOOD (A2), Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Ch. PL, Jch. Storm Kloud's Hhudson Icy Wind HD 0/0

ROM Cardif Rex od Vranského potoka HD 0/0, Eyes clear, PRA neg.

ch CZ, SK, Junch SK Dark Pearl of Stormyth HD OFA (AM-12197F28F-PI) fair, Eyes clear, PRA negativ.

Ch. Asterix Pameyut Aleutia HD A, Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Ch. Poker Flat's Yukon Law

multich.,Ich. Eagle Wing Navarama CS HD 0/0, PRA neg.

ROM Cardif Rex od Vranského potoka HD 0/0, Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Ich., multich. Rex Cold Valley of Keema's Wolf Pak HD 0/0, PRA neg.

Ch.CZ, BOB, BIS Atuki od Vranského potoka HD 1/1

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