Litter C /3ST LITTER/

Mehrere im Galerie

From the mating of Antar-C-Ticae and the male Chinook Dream Navarama Mal were born on the 05.09. 2003 8 puppies, 3 females and 5males.
Puppies were again born at home and and they are in full of solitude loving family of Mila Řehakova.
Very soon the litter was getting the desirable dark pigmentation and all puppies boasted very dark eyes. This litter therefore made us very happy because we succeeded right to breed beautiful and healthy puppies, promissing for the future and corresponding to the standard.


  Chinook Dream Navarama Mal

  Antar-C-Tica of Stormyth


  Cinnamon Bear Stormyth  (6287)

  Cloud Catcher Stormyth  (6288)

  Colin Canuck Stormyth  (6289)

  Count Chinook Stormyth  (6290)

  Crystal Glitter of Stormyth  (6291)

  Cecil Caramel Stormyth  (6292)

  Cold Catleen Stormyth  (6293)

  Comely Cameo Stormyth  (6294)

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