Mehrere im Galerie

From the mating of Sophie and the male Ch. Asterix Pameyut Aleutia were born on the 30. and 31. 10. 2002 8 puppies, 6 females and 2 males.

Puppies were again born at home and from their first days came into a frequent contact with us, people. Later we shifted all of them together with their mum to an outside kennel for a night, so that they would also get used to different conditions, however during the day they could run freely and explore the surrounding world as they liked.

All puppies were sold. Both males went to Germany, 1 female to Poland and the rest of the females stayed in the Czech Republic.


  Asterix Pameyut Aleutia

  Cardif Rex od Vranského potoka


  Bear Fang Stormyth  (6210)

  Bronson Aarluk Stormyth  (6211)

  Bailey Quimmiq Stormyth  (6212)

  Biskay Princess Stormyth  (6213)

  Blazing Star Stormyth  (6214)

  Blueberry Field Stormyth  (6215)

  Brier Rose Stormyth  (6216)

  Butterfly Lady Stormyth  (6217)

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